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the Friday flow.....Good People Day

Hi fellow FLOW'ers 

Are you a good person?

Do you know what April 3rd is?

It’s “Good People” Day! 

I came across an email by Gary Vaynerchuck, the author of Crush IT! He discussed how he sees so many videos and articles talking about things like people breaking up, fighting, using negativity to suppress others … but at the same time, I see and interact with SO many genuinely good human beings on a daily basis.  Gary V put up a video years ago celebrating these awesome human beings!

I am sure that this mirrors most of our experiences, we all know about somebody who is nasty and the corporate world is littered with people from the dark triad....but there are good people out there .......and lots of them. Lets celebrate them and talk about them. Let's counter the negativity that so pervades our environment and media.

Lets talk up good people, good people!

Remember there is no wealth like good health.

That's my contribution to your awesome health for this week.

Remember be kind to yourselves...and each other!

In other exciting news I am delighted to announce two new practice locations for FLOW Wellness: In Bedfordview you can find us at the Nicol Wellness Centre from the 24th March 2019. In Bryanston you can find us at the Off Nicol Health Centre on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Remember that you need to keep the nerve signals in your nervous system FLOW'ing.

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