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the Friday flow.....29 March 2019

Hi fellow FLOW'ers 

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a great talk by Francis Fukuyama he gave a very interesting talk on the role of the state in developing economies. Spoiler alert: less is more! You can catch a few of his insights here about what SA should do to survive and thrive.

I am currently reading his latest book Identity which explains quite a bit about the populist uprisings we are seeing in many places around the world.

Bonus pic of me getting my book signed by the man himself! (:-) ...I had to do something with it!)

Remember there is no wealth like good health.

hat's my contribution to your awesome health for this week.

Remember be kind to yourselves...and each other!

In other exciting news I am delighted to announce two new practice locations for FLOW Wellness: In Bedfordview you can find us at the Nicol Wellness Centre from the 24th March 2019. In Bryanston you can find us at the Off Nicol Health Centre on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Remember that you need to keep the nerve signals in your nervous system FLOW'ing.

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