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the Friday flow.....

Hi fellow FLOW'ers

I know all of our email inboxes are bursting at the seems, but I thought it might be a good idea to share a few leisurely insights and on occasion some serious ones......

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Now that the housekeeping is over lets go with the FLOW......

Things that inspired me this week have been:

The toastmasters club I belong to recently chartered. One of our guest speakers was Douglas Kruger, he suggested that in business we need to ask different questions. This was very intriguing and certainly is a different way of framing problems.

I also read that we need to re-invent ourselves every six moths!!! this interesting medium article on why it's important to re-invent ourselves every 6 months:

Trying to get more order in my life at the moment is a continual struggle. If you're planning to do some organising or spring cleaning this weekend have a look at Marie Kondo's website. I would say my current status is yellow belt, but I guess it's a marathon not a sprint.

Also check out her documentary on Netflix. It definitely makes sense to de-clutter and embrace minimalism it's just such a difficult journey for us all. These guys are also big on minimalism (lol) my only problem with them is that for minimalists they have quite long podcasts anything from 60 to 150 minutes!!!

In other exciting news I am delighted to announce two new practice locations for FLOW Wellness: In Bedfordview you can find us at the Nicol Wellness Centre from the 24th March 2019. In Bryanston you can find us at the Off Nicol Health Centre on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Remember that you need to keep the nerve signals in your nervous system FLOW'ing.

To make an appointment online go here.

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