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the Friday flow.....Human Right's Day

Hi fellow FLOW'ers 

This week we celebrated Human Rights Day in South Africa.

I wanted to talk about human rights from another perspective and that is what are your rights as a person. Specifically do you exercise the RIGHT to look after yourself?

Your body and your mind belong solely to you and they are your responsibility. For example, do you:

Eat food that nourishes your bodyMovement is medicine, the more you move the better you will feelSleep long and well it's when your body healsDrink more water it's 80% of our bodyInvest time and effort in relationships important to you

Remember there is no wealth like good health.

That's my contribution to your awesome health for this week.

Remember be kind to yourselves...and each other!

In other exciting news I am delighted to announce two new practice locations for FLOW Wellness: In Bedfordview you can find us at the Nicol Wellness Centre from the 24th March 2019. In Bryanston you can find us at the Off Nicol Health Centre on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Remember that you need to keep the nerve signals in your nervous system FLOW'ing. To make an appointment online 

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