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Does everyone NEED Chiropractic care?

Does everyone NEED Chiropractic care?

The above question was posted on the question site Quora (

A user called Bruce posted the following answer:

Virtually everyone needs chiropractic at some time or another. There is no reason to "suffer through" when the problem can be eliminated instead of being medicated. Let me just tell you of one example.

While I have used a Chiropractor off and on for a long time, I had the misconception that it was mostly about backs and subluxations. But a couple of years ago I started having severe pain in my arm and elbow. So I went to the doctor, and he prescribed pain killers and said to not overuse the arm. The pain didn't stop, so then the doctor had me use a sling for several hours a day to reduce use of the arm. And more pain killers, and anti-inflamation pills. Still pain. Not worse, but not better.

Then one day while picking up some Chinese take out, I saw the office of a Chiropractor next door, and so stepped in, just to check it out. The front office attendant asked if I wanted an appointment, and I said that I just wanted a minute to talk to the doctor about my arm. She said that he was with another patient but would be out soon. So in a couple minutes, I see the doctor walking up the hall, and he asked me what was wrong. So I went through the scenario, and told him I had been on pain killers for weeks with no improvement. Remember, we are just standing in the hall... So he said let me have a look. And he takes my arm and begins to probe, asking me where it hurt the most. After about a minute, he said "Ok, I'm going to press on your arm, and it is going to hurt like hell for about 30 seconds, and then the pain will be gone. All I ask is that you don't hit me 'til then, ok?" With that he holds my arm and presses his thumb down, and boy it really did hurt like hell, for about 30 seconds, and then the pain was gone. He said that I had what is referred to as "tennis elbow" and that I should now go to the drug store and buy a bandage for that, and make sure that the little ball on the bandage was located exactly where his thumb was.. Remember, we are still standing in the hall, no appointment, no treatment room.

Sure enough, I thanked him, and went to the store and bought a bandage, and kept it on my arm for a few days. The intense pain never came back, and the residual pain went away after a couple days. And the pain stayed away. No pills, no fancy equipment, just no pain.

So I have continued to go back to that Chiropractor whenever I find that I am not walking right, or standing straight, or have back pain, or my knee hurts, and every time it is improved afterwards. (Yeah, I use the treatment room and bench for most things now, and I actually have to pay him as well. But it is always worth it.)

So while I still go to the doctor for blood tests, vaccinations, and genuine medical issues, I go to the Chiropractor for the slings and arrows of just living that result in pain or discomfort, and these are the kinds of things that any good Chiropractor can help with. They don't pretend that they are medical doctors, but medical doctors, even DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O. or DO) often don't deal with the structural issues of the body, and focus on medicines.

The next time you have a problem or pain or the body just doesn't feel right, try a Chiropractor.

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