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Are too many Zoom sessions the new smoking?

Hi Friends, I hope this email finds you bearing well with lock down and able to savour some sense of normality? Too many Zoom sessions? I wonder if like me you find yourself spending too much time on Zoom and in webinars in general. Especially for those knowledge workers who always dreamed of working at home and now that they are able to do so, find that they are working harder then ever and that it is not terribly exciting. Zoom sessions can also go horribly wrong, like in this video where someone forgets they are on a Zoom call and proceeds to use the bathroom

Zoom sessions are also having a psychological effect on us

According to this article staring at your face all day has quite a detrimental effect on your psychology.

What about the physical effects of sitting all day?

Try and choose a better chair, the dining room chair you are currently using is less than ideal. use this guide to help you choose or modify your existing set up.

Exercise is more important than ever!

We know that gyms are closed but being home decreased your activity even further as the normal process of driving to work and walking to your car, the canteen the coffee station and other daily activities are all now lost. This means that we have to make an extra effort just to hit our previous"sedentary" levels.

Engineer little tasks in your day that make it necessary for  you to get up and walk around the house or go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

if you would like a really good online workout get in touch with Jurgen Grobler .

Keep your body supple!

There are a few great yoga moves that you can use to keep your body flexible and supple you can find these here. Even just five minutes of stretches per day will do your body a world of good.

Don't neglect your heart!

Too much sitting is also not great on your heart. There has been an increase in cardiac incidents as too many people are even more sedentary.

Cardiologists recommend these simple exercises that can be performed daily in a few minutes.

That's it from me! Stay happy and healthy!

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